Repair One Stop Solution in Singapore


Phone LCD Screen Repair

Screen or front glass is cracked or broken? Touch panel not working? LCD is broken and showing blue lines? LCD screen totally black out? Wonder what is temper glass and why everyone is talking about it? Wish to protect your screen and LCD but not sure what is the best option with affordable price? We have the solution for you and do talk to our friendly customer service personnel to find out how to protect your phone in future too!

Software Troubleshooting

Are you spending hours to figure out how to install software and updates for your smartphone? Phone keeps rebooting by itself? Storage is full and not sure how to optimize the space and free up some storage safely? Could not download or access the applications? Wish to get the latest software updates for your phone? Wish to install some applications and need guidance? Envy your friend who enjoy and make the most out of their phone but too shy to ask? Our fans has transformed and it is our turn to make others envy our fans and customers after engaged with us on Facebook and visit us at our store to learn how. Let us help and be protected!

Phone Motherboard Repair

Phone stopped working as it is after drop into water or salt water? Speaker having too much noise or not functioning? Could not connect to wifi? Screen black out? Could not charge your phone? Could not listen to music or sound after plug in the headset? Bluetooth not functioning? Camera is not working as it is? Home Button or ON/OFF button not functioning well? Send your phone to one of our store to diagnose and repair. It is always good to bring along your accessories (such as charger and headphone along for relevant issues). Feel free to ask and receive the free technical advise from us.

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