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Earpiece Xiao Mi

Earpiece (Xiao Mi)Earpiece (Xiao Mi)Earpiece (Xiao Mi)

Our customers said about this product:
1. These headphones are simple amazing
2. This is practically a steal!
3. Luxurious look and feel
4. multi-function button works great with Android phones

“The Smell (Chocolate) - The Design (Gorgeous) - The Sound (Breathtaking) - The Materials (Beryllium Is As Cool As It Sounds) - The Box (Simplicity)”
“Great sound. Great looks. A rock-bottom price.”

Beware of Fake Xiao Mi Headphone

Genuine Xiao Mi Product
Color: Gold
Weight: 11 gram
Cable Length: 1.1 meters
Plug type: 3.5 mm


$S40.00 $S38.00